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Some Of The Different Types Of Work Place Harassment

Physical threats are one type of way that employees can be harassed at their workplace. Under physical threats, the employee is told that something bad will befall upon them because of something they are doing or just because of some misunderstanding. When this occurs the employee can seek legal action against the perpetrator of the physical threats.

Intimidation is another type of workplace harassment. In this type of workplace harassment, it is usually seen between employees that are senior and those that are junior in the working environment. Some senior staff usually intermediate junior staff because they are productive and they fear that the management may notice them and promote them over them because of their outstanding work. In the event that a junior employee or any other employee in an organisation is intimidated by anyone he or she can seek legal action against the person for this wrongful act.

One of the many types of workplace harassment that exist is physical assault. We have heard of stories in the media about employers that physically beat the employees for not meeting targets or because of some mistakes they did while doing their work. One, therefore, has to understand that this is unacceptable and in the event, they are physically assaulted by their employer or any senior person in the workplace environment they can always seek legal action against the individual for doing so.

One of the many types of workplace harassment that exist is name-calling. Name-calling is the type of harassment where an individual is given a name that negatively describes the person and always is not accepted by the person called by that name. One who has fallen victim of name-calling should not sit back and think it’s ok for other people to call them by names that he or she does not agree with instead they should go ahead and seek legal action against these individuals so that they stop calling them by those names.

One of the many workplace harassment actions that exist is mockery. This is the type of harassment where an individual is made fun of by his fellow colleagues or even the employer. In the event that one falls victim of mockery he or she can seek for legal action against the people that mock him or her so that they stop doing so.

One of the many types of workplace harassment that exist is interference with performance at work. We live in a man eat man society and also in our workplaces there are people who usually are jealous of the efforts that other people put in their work and therefore they devise ways of how to interfere with their work so that they do not perform well and end up not getting the promotion or their eyes that they have been working for. One should therefore not allow interference with performance at work because this is not legally accepted and can, therefore, seek legal action to stop the people that are perpetrating these acts.

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