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Vaping is nowadays a part of fashion and styles, aside from a heavy smoke or vapor, it consists of non-nicotine smoke.The trend of today’s world of vaping comes in a wide array of styles and elegance, and one of the most fashionable styles is the vape in the box.

Vape in the box as to the millennial age is one of the most influential types of vape in the box.With the use of rechargeable batteries, it is a box typed handheld case vaporizers that supplies power.Compare to a smaller type of pen shape vape, the box mods has a large battery that could last longer.In the early years of e-cigs, the term mod originated and modified by a hobbyist vapers and customized as vaping hardware.Box mod vapes has a box-like shape and is bigger than other vaporizers, this is how they get their names.

The box mod offers the hobbyist the potential comfort for it allows the users to interchange different types of batteries, atomizers and tanks.Explained below are some important advantages of how box mod is ahead from the other vaping material.

One of the best features of the box mod is the ability to regulate and control its vaping temperature.The box mod eliminates the possibility of getting hit and allows the user to optimize their vaping experience.

In order to protect the user from intense throat hit, the box mod has a wattage control system that command the delivery of power to the atomizer.

With a customized tank that is detachable from itself, the box mod atomizer will hold the e-liquid separately.Furthermore, the user can attach a varying type of atomizer depending the preferred flavor.

the size of the box mod can range from small to large, though they’re all handheld devices, and the form and designs comes in different configurations and aesthetics.

With a thorough innovation of the box mod, the battery is fixed with LiPo batteries that can be recharged via USB cables or it be a removable LI-ion battery that can be recharged either via USB or an external dedicated charger.

A box mod vaping device has a different type of features and function, a regulated box mod and the unregulated box mod kind of vaping.The regulated box mod has a wattage control system that regulate the power to the atomizer, while the unregulated has a chip soldered to the protected function that is controlled.Usually, handcrafted box mod that uses high quality material are priced higher than any other vaping device, because these are considered to be a collector’s item.

Learn more about the option, with a countless varying products that is currently available in the market, you have to make sure you can get the best box mod of your desire.

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