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Time Saving Methods of Cooking Delicious Crabs

Crabs are in plenty in different seasons depending on the part of the country. Crabs have proteins and minerals from seawater that help in building muscles, tendons and bones. How you prepare and serve the crabs determines whether people will love the dish or not. You can have crabs along with other meals. You will spend minutes preparing crabs when you use these recipes.

Grilling is another way of preparing crabs. The crabs must be cleaned before grilling. Cook them halfway by boiling or steaming before you grill the crabs so that they cook faster. Steam or boil them before you clean them. Season the crabs as you toss them in olive oil. A hot grill will make the crabs brown on both sides. Crabs with soft shells are grilled differently.

Boiling crabs is the common way of cooking them. The pot of water to be used should be of the appropriate size to prevent the crabs from crowding inside the pot. The crabs need enough salting to make them have the saltiness of water in the ocean. Some beer or wine can be added into the water to add the flavor. The crabs should be seasoned with your favorite seasonings. The crabs should be added into the boiling pot at once so that they have the same time to cook or else some will overcook as you wait for others to be ready if you add them into the pot at different times. The crabs will start to float after about fifteen minutes. The crabs should cool before you serve.

The juices in the crabs can be retained by steaming. Bring water that is already salted to a boil in a large pot. Use the steamer basket to steam the crabs. The crabs can be oiled into the pot, and the crabs at the bottom will be the platform to steam the other crabs. The size of the crabs determines the time you will take to cook. Remove the crabs from the pot with the help of tongs. Clean and serve crabs after they cool for a while. Use cold water to rinse the crabs so that they cool faster.

The roast crabs are a delicacy. The oven needs to be preheated. The crabs have to be boiled or steamed for a while before cleaning. You have to know the right ways to clean the crabs so that you do not spoil the taste by cleaning them inappropriately. Use seasonings you love on the crabs that are placed on the roasting pan. Adding chilly destroys the taste of crabs. Roast the crabs for about ten minutes until they turn brown.

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