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Tips for Choosing a Sod Company

People do not seem to know what to watch out for when choosing a lawn so they end up making the wrong choice. It is important to do thorough research on the type of lawn you intend to have and whether you will be able to maintain them. Different lawns vary according to their requirements. Different companies are known for different lawns therefore extensive knowledge on the weather in your area helps you make a decision on the best lawn for you. This article addresses the advantages of researching a sod company before purchase.

Your shade is a determinant in the type of lawn that will suit your area. Different lawns thrive or die off depending on the amount of sunlight they receive. The amount of sunshine received should be determined before making the purchase. A good sod company will take the time to calculate this during summer when there is most sunlight. The amount of sunlight received can be measured in several ways. There are applications that help one track the sunshine such as the sun and moon tracker. It has the ability to measure shadows too. Different weather patterns determine the type of lawn to lay down. Some of the lawns that do well in warm areas are Bermuda, Centipede, and Zoysia.

These lawns are well known to be drought resistant and can survive sunlight with minimal water. The low sunlight type of lawn include the Leisure Time Zoysia with the capability of surviving 5 hours of sunshine with shade. Consider the Elite Tall Fescue when you have lots of shade because it thrives in this environment. When choosing a sod company check out the weather they have a variety of lawns where you can choose from and their knowledge about their correlation with the weather. They should also educate you on what type of lawns work best for your area.

It is important to check out the kind of customer care your sod company offers. Each company offers different deals. Knowledge on the different offers by several sod companies is important. Look out for these deals and choose the company according to the deal that well suits your needs.

The type of grass you intend to have should be considered. People choose the type and texture of lawn based on what they know for instance past experiences. Either way, check to see whether the sod company is considerate of that factor whether they are dismissive. Customer satisfaction should be a priority for the sod company, therefore, should be considerate on the clients’ requests. In conclusion, it is important to consider the highlighted factors before choosing a sod company.

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