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Making Communication Better Through Couple Counseling

Couple counselling is a relationship between a trained therapist and a couple formed to solve issues. Some of the issues that couples present their therapy sessions are communication, assigning responsibilities, dealing with family finances and how to deal with in-laws. Communication has been ranked the highest issue which is a challenge to many couples. Couples who visit therapy session portrays a high sense of disappointment that their visions and expectations have not materialized through. According to the communication issues presented by clients, they give interpretation is the problem of communication in diverse ways. Some individual in the relationship describe their partners as keeping so quiet or not interested in speaking. Others describe their partners as too talkative and nagging, very criticizing and too dependent on the other partner. Communication should not just interpret as just talking, but as active listening on spoken words, the tone used to convey the message and body language.

Disagreements can also be caused by issues that have not been resolved like the grudge between the partner’s ad unmet expectations. Such things happen in most cases when the couple don speak out their hearts to each other, lack of discussing what hurts them and they don’t address their concerns. The purpose of the therapy is to help the couples identify the issues that have not to be solved beneath their communication. An irritating couple may keep on saying something again and again as a sign of frustration of something that has not been dealt with. A partner described as displaying uttered violence may use irritation as a cover-up of feelings of sadness and hurt which may be difficult to express. During the session, every partner is given a chance to share the issues and the goals they expect from the sessions.

Having in mind the above issues that cause problems in communication, it becomes crucial for an individual to learn how to speak openly to the other partner. If you are in a relationship and have communication issues, it is essential to look for a competent counsellor who can be able to handle problems competently. The advantage of speaking out your heart to your partner is that the other partner may note the individual concerns and therefore it is easy to address them. Generally It is essential to learn to solve all issues one at a time since the unresolved issues graduates to other problem. If you engage in Couple counselling you will have a lot of advantages since you are made able to identify the source of the communication problem. Upon identification of the issues, one will be given tools that can actually help him in solving the problems like learning to take concerns of your partner more than yours.

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