How to Obtain Clients for a New Digital SEO Agency

Starting a new digital SEO agency is a huge challenge. What’s even more challenging is getting clients. After all, the competition is tougher than ever before. As a result, having a few tips may prove to be beneficial. When it comes to getting clients, using the right tactics can make a huge difference. Keep reading to find out what works here.


Take the time to create and publish blogs on various related topics, such as conversion optimization, content marketing, SEO, or social media marketing. The more technical a post becomes the more data that can be used to back up ideas. In the long run, this is going to result in more leads. In most cases, posts that include stats and data will drive about three times more leads than blog posts that don’t contain any data.

By blogging in a technical way, using graphs, data, and stats, a digital marketing agency is going to be able to convince potential clients that they are an expert in the field. This is going to convince a potential client that this digital marketing agency should be selected over the competition.

Speak at Conferences

Another great place to find clients is at SEO and marketing conferences. When a person arranges for a meaningful conference, they are going to put themselves in a position where they can make money pretty easily. However, if the individual wants to continue generating any revenue from this type of conference, they have to be willing to speak at non-industry events, too. For example, they could speak about online marketing and SEO at a gambling event. From finance and fitness to all the industries in between, speaking at large events about what is done can be a great way to attract new clients and pique their interest regarding what the company does.

When it comes to getting clients for a new digital marketing agency, the tips here can prove to be extremely beneficial. It’s a good idea to look for more information about this before moving forward, too. Being informed is the best way to gain success in any industry.