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How to Remodel your Bathroom With These Essential Tips

If you are planning to have your bathroom remodeled you should consider to find the right tips that will give you bathroom a fresh and new look because in the long run it will translate to the value of your home.

New fixtures and marble floors sounds like a good idea, but before you get wrapped on this idea, think of the logistics, if the framing allows it the most important thing you can do to the bathroom is upgrading the plumbing of your shower.

If you have a problem with having cold water in your bathroom and always getting cold water, ensure you re route them to the side that will hardly get the winter freeze and this is a fixture that can be done by a plumber Oatley at any time.

Enhance the lighting of your bathroom, let the bathroom lighting take a center position when you are doing renovation, install recessed lights in strategic point, including above the bathtub and shower head and decorative scones beside the bathroom mirror and dim lights for when you want to dim lights, these small fixtures can be done by a local plumber to remodel your bathroom.

When you are preparing to make an upgrade of your bathroom, consider reworking on the tiles on the floor and also consider to check on their safety, large tiles have a grout line that are farther spaced and this is what them to be more slippery that the ones which have a smaller design.

Many homeowners splurge on the rustic and the reclaimed pieces that gives you home as shabby chic vibes and such it is common to find this idea on the sideboards and buffets pull for bathroom vanities.

If you want to have a bathroom that has a gigantic tub, then consider the square footage, be realistic about the whole plan if you love to soak, if not you can have in place a large shower head, whole at it make sure you are getting the best out of the whole project since this translates more to when you are valuing the sale of your home.

If you have enough finance for the bathroom remodeling you can have a wall hung toilet, in this model you will have the toilet tank sitting inside the wall instead of the back and it is the case with the floor mounted units.

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